Newcraft Ski trip 22/23


23- 26 March 2023 in Sestriere


End of March we finally go on the legendary ski-trip again. Sun, Snow and Snaps. Time to get ready.!

The Ski-Sie has been working hard to get everything up and running and we will be taking care of you.
To give you the best experience possible, we also want you to give you the best gear. So after the Socks Deal we are proud to announce the Blueprint Wintersport Deal.


What does this mean for you?

50 % reduction on your entire shopping cart with Blueprint Eyewear!

Goggles, extra visors, sunglasses, accessories... we got you covered...

Use our exclusive discount code 23NWCFT50 and get 50% off of your entire order!

Shop over €75 and the shipping is for free.

About Blueprint Eyewear

Born in Amsterdam, developped in Belgium...loved all over the world! That's in a nutshell our story...

We were founded some 12 years ago by young Dutch entrepreneurs Maarten & Floris who wanted to create affordable polarised sunglasses.

Things really got flying when in 2014 Blueprint developped a ski-goggle with magnetic interchangeable lenses and brought this idea to the world by launching a crowdfunding campaign.

The rest as they history. This innovative idea changed the entire industry.

About our lenses...

Our BSG3.1 lenses divide into 3 categories...
Wear our Black, Opal, Aqua, Fire, Pink and Platinum lenses when it's very sunny.

Use our Yellow Low Light lens for bad weather. This lens allows much light to come in and the yellow filter creates extra contrast when it's foggy or snowing.

Or use our EVO TECH Photochromatic Grey lens to adapts to any light conditions for the greatest comfort possible. This lens will turn dark when the sun is out and brightens up when the sun is gone or when you hit the shadow side of the mountain.

The sun isn't always your friend

There is nothing better then a nice day on the slopes under a straight blue sky...
But believe us when we say...always wear sunscreen! The same applies to your eyes! (but don't put sunscreen on our eyes :-))

UV radiation is the worst enemy. That's why all of our lenses come with UV400 protection.
Our lenses are double layer to eliminate as much as possible any risk on fogging up and we apply a hydrophobic coating.

Finally there is a little touch of (industrial) magic but you have to wear it see it!