Winter is HERE! 5 tips for the most awesome holiday in the snow.

Are you ready? Winter is here and we're stoked to give you some tips to make your holiday at Austria in the snow one of the most awesome ones you've had. We will give you tips about choosing your snow destination, where in Austria you can go, to get your jumping skills to a next level with a crazy fun park, how to stay dry and save while your skiing/snowboarding, a couple of apres ski tents where you will have the most fun times after a day of shredding and at last we will help you remind a couple of things which can be forgotten to take with you to your ski destination. 

At first, it's important to choose a snow destination which will suit your ski/snowboarding skills. it's also nice to have some magical, snowy views. For the best experience at your destination, you can do some research for places which will suit your experience. Because when you're very skilled at skiing/snowboarding and choose a place with loads of blue pistes, you will most likely not get the challenge you would like to have. At the other side, when you're less skilled, it's better to choose a destination with more blue and a couple of red pistes so you can practice your skills and you can lift yourself to a next level (literally!). 


Our second tip will give you an idea where you possibly would like to go, when you're an adrenaline junky who likes to fly or just likes to jump and do some tricks.
When you're in your freestyle mood, you'd like to take the obstacles, do your tricks and go back up to improve yourself and get in that flow that you seek.
Nothing more annoying when you have to take a slow lift to the top of the mountain which is not near to the funpark you would like to go back to.
Vans Penken funpark in Mayrhofen will let your dreams about a fast lift, just beside a funpark, come true. the park has got 56 obstacles, including kickers, rails and an halfpipe. don't you worry if it's too hard for you.. it has it's own area just where beginners can get their shred on and improve themselves. 

The third tip, about your snow gear, is very important. First things first, when you're going on a snow vacation for skiing/snowboarding, it's necessary to have snow catchers in your jacket. think about getting into the powder without a good jacket with snow catchers... sure thing you will be wet when you're coming down (after having the most amazing time of your life of course!).
That's why it's also a good thing when you're having a waterproof jacket. A good way to start a day is to layer your clothing (thermo, fleece and jacket) so that you can pull something off if it's becoming too hot later at the day! 

Now... after all we need some good apres ski places to go after all the skiing/snowboarding!  Westendorf, as a part of one of the most biggest and popular ski destination: Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser - Brixental in Austria, has to have some good apres ski tents. the Moskito is one of the most popular places their, because of their good partys and hyped people.
The Karat bar and Gerry's Inn are also doing a great job. We also have got to call Mayrhofen, where the apres ski has coming to life. The Ice Bar is the most popular one, where loads of Dutch people will come to. 

At last, but not less important: things to not forget to take to your snowy destination! we're hoping that a snow goggle will be on your list to take, but we never know... it's important to have protection against the different weather, against the UV-radiation which comes from the mountains and at last can it happen that otherwise the snow and ice of the landscape will come into your eyes. besides this, sunglasses will be also a musthave! also hand cloves,a helmet and sunscreen with a high SPF are things not to forget for your own protection!  



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