When NATIONS come together! Valthorens was a blast...

We went out to Valthorens a couple of weeks ago!
After a (covid forced) pause of  almost 2 years the Blueprint Eyewear crew finally went back to the mountains. We tested some new prototypes, enjoyed ourselfs on the slopes and had a super relaxed stay at Fahrenheit 7, very recommended!
Whilst we were there we finally were able to have a photoshoot for our
We had a bunch of -crazy as f#ck- young group of volunteers all with a different nationality, by coincidence, but in line when the theme of the goggles.
Obviously we enjoyed that moment very much. Put a boombox, some cold drinks and a bunch of these guys and girls in front of camera and crazy things happen! It made us conclude that when nations come together, the fun starts when you focus on what unites us!
Thanks to the volunteers and thanks to @nikkilucytellingstories for arranging that super dope photoshoot! We will be back!