200% NEXT SEASON! No Doubt about that!

200%. That's what we are going to give it next season!

Who would have thought that we close the winter season without even seeing the mountains? Even after last years Covid troubles we never imagined we wouldn't be able to ski and board. That's a second season lost! 

The second year in a row we miss out on the call of the mountains.

No Dutch Week, no Snow Jam. No meeting up with our customers. No photo shoots, no video shoots. No Flügel. 

 Our hart goes out to all in the industry! The people who are depending on the winter tourism.

But we will be back! Next season we will give it 200%! That's a promise!

We've got some planning to do, playing with a few idea's.

Some new gear. Some superduper collabs! 


As we are closing our winter season we will be clearing our warehouse to make space for the summer season.  Lot's of sunglasses coming in.

All our wintergear is for sale at a reduced price temporarily. So why not pick up some extra accessories for your goggles?

We also have a great combo deal on the ultimate travel pack to protect your gear.

Watch out for more exiting news soon.